About us

DOURAN Information Technologies is one of the most successful IT companies in Iran that has been established with aims to provide a variety of products and services in the field of Information Technology. This group that passed more than a decade since its establishment, with organizing 300 staff and use of last world’s knowledge, has an extensive activity in producing and providing specialized equipment and services in filed of ERP, Security, Portal, School and VoIP. The presence of three teams in production, technical and systematic in the form of a group, however, close cooperation with international companies, has provided technical capability and high performance for this group to run large national projects. Executor of national largest Information Security projects (Member of High Council of Informatics (No. 1 in producer of software Highest ranked business software in the field of ICT in the National Festival 2011 Member of informatics companies’ community and country's computer system trade Member of country’s exporter’s database and software exporters union Winner of best software in 2001 from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Over 2,500 customers in 450 cities and several foreign countries Have more than 5 foreigner business partners to deliver updated solutions to the customers Have a booth and participation in 5 different periods of Cebit exhibitions in Germany Have a booth and participation in 6 different periods of Gitex exhibitions in UAE – Dubai

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Social Responsibility

Commitment to community and environment is a multi-faceted in Douran Information Technologies. We have always been in a leading position in the field of software services and consider our social responsibilities. Attention to issues of health, safety and environment has been emphasized by our constant executives. This is rooted in the importance of protecting human health in general, and particularly in cases involving business and the importance of protecting our environment. In the past year, information and culture in Douran Information Technologies clients in regard to social responsibility and that is placed on the agenda. Social Contribution Among the macro policies of Douran Information Technologies, the important issues are spiritual support and active participation in numerous scientific events, industrial, cultural and welfare. This idea is in the first place emerged from a deep belief in Douran Information Technologies,their responsibilities towards sustainable development emerged from the body of interconnected knowledge with scientific expertise and management, research, technology and culture. Some examples of Douran Information Technologies. Executive Corporate Social Responsibility Douran Information Technologies has eliminated most paper-based methods and expand our electronics, makes every effort to preserve natural resources and effective measures to carry out . In this regard, the mass proliferation of administrative documents such as letterheads, catalogs, brochures, envelopes, leaflets dropped most performance possible training in this area will be conducted through electronic publication. As well as a symbolic number of seedlings each year by members of Douran Information Technologies Board on trees, to be implemented. Douran Information Technologies, in addition is trying to develope its cooperation with associations and charities .Among those activities it can be mention the collaboration with the Institute for Cancer Support and guidance center for mental illness. Moral and financial support of cultural events such as theater, concerts , art galleries , Especialized photography and hiking tours are always on the agenda of our group and the heads of the company always emphasize the continuous presence of personnel in these programs.

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