Title : Events around the 5th Exhibition of Security in oil industry
Date : 6/1/2014
time : 14:22:0

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This year security exhibition in oil industry faced with greatest welcome. Douran Data Processing co attended the exhibition to unveil its scientific and specialized achievements.
Regarding the wide range of Douran Data Processing co activity in the security field and the presence of its technical team in the exhibition stand provided the appropriate interaction with participants that draw a new horizon.
Visit the country's senior officials and experts, including:
- Mr. Zangene, the oil minister and his colleagues
- Mr. Izadi, the president of security department in oil industry and his colleagues.
- Mr.Darakhany, the president of security department in national oil company and his colleques.
- Mr. Zaboli zadeh the president of IT security protection in national Iranian oil refining and distribution company with his colleagues.
- Mr. Rahimi, director of Information technology in Iranian Gas Transmission and its technical team
- Mr. Shirazi the head of Shiraz petrochemical security department.
- and …
The other notable events were the presence of the national oil company security department, for the third time in this exhibition.

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