Title : Events Around the 2nd Cyber Defense Conference
Date : 6/1/2014
time : 14:21:0

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Cyber Defense Conference was held at Imam Hossein University. Douran Data Procesing has held up workshops and participated in the exhibition, besides that in the management meeting , Mr. Namazi has lectured actively and respond to the questions.
In this event, Douran Data PProcessing backed by its science and remarkable experience, assigned most of the workshops to its group. Douran professional workshops were faced with a great welcome by the audiences. According to some participants and officials the workshops were very useful and practical and caused besides familiarity with the new concepts in the field of security, their needs and wants also being satisfied.
Douran Group stands in sub exhibition had considerable visit by the military officials, managers and decision makers in private, governmental and military organizations, senior experts and ... all demonstrate the ability of Douran Group in different section.
 The management meeting by attendances of Mr. Namazi caused besides responding to the participant questions, new security happenings and events be greatly analyzed.

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